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Program/Class Description


We are proud to have world class boxing here at Fight Firm. Here you will find top ranked amateur and pro boxers taught by world class trainers. You will find training here, up and comers and established boxers here like Bernard Hopkins, Gabriel Rosado, Demetrius Hopkins, Mike Jones, Jesse Hart and Mike Stewart. We have three main boxing coaches here running the boxing program, Howard "Moses" Mosley, Danny Davis, and Mike Melvin.

Muay thai:

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing, meaning "The Art of the Eight Limbs", is considered the toughest ring sport in the world due to its devastating striking techniques of punching (boxing), elbows, knees, and kicks. Thai training methods develop devastating power, speed and superb cardio-vascular endurance as well as fighting spirit.   Muay Thai training is also quite safe thanks to sophisticated pad training that evolved to keep fighters healthy between fights.  Muay Thai has also proven very effective outside the ring and has been embraced enthusiastically by practitioners of a variety of self-defense, sporting, military and law enforcement activities. Our Muay Thai Class teaches the necessary tools to effectively strike and defend oneself. We accomplish this goal through drilling, shadow boxing, padwork, and sparring. Some offensive techniques our members will learn are: punching, kicking, elbowing, clinching, and kneeing. Defensively some fundamental techniques are: slipping, blocking, parrying, catching, and evading oncoming attacks.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport and a self-defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. The art was derived from the Japanese martial art of Kodokan judo in the early 20th century, which was itself developed from a number of schools (or Ryu) of Japanese jujutsu in the 19th century. It promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themself against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper technique—most notably by applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be trained for sport grappling tournaments (gi and no-gi) and mixed martial arts (MMA) competition or self-defense. Sparring (commonly referred to as 'rolling') and live drilling play a major role in training.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi vs No-gi(submission wrestling):
The difference between BJJ GI and BJJ( No-Gi) aka submission wrestling is the uniform. BJJ Gi classes require a uniform consisting of a long sleeve jacket top, belt (color depending on ranking), and long pants. With wearing a Gi outfit, techniques and grips are developed around the idea of using your own or your opponents uniform against them. On the ground, BJJ Gi matches tends to be slow, measured, and technical. In the stand-up game, the grips provided by the Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi allow for many judo-style throwing and submission techniques. No-Gi class on the other hand has a much looser uniform requirement. Most people just wear shorts and a t-shirt. No–Gi techniques are similar to Gi techniques but are modified and developed with the idea that grabbing or holding opponents apparel/uniform is either not allowed or not possible. No-Gi submission wrestling takedowns resemble those of Greco-roman and freestyle wrestling. Where the BJJ grappling ground game is slow, measured, and technical, No-Gi (submission wrestling) moves tend to be more fluid and fast-paced.

MMA Class:

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions, to be used in competitions. The rules allow the use of both striking as well as grappling techniques, both while standing and on the ground. Such competitions allow martial artists of different backgrounds to compete. MMA class puts everything together. It integrates the martial arts of boxing, muay thai, BJJ, and wrestling. The MMA class will exemplify how one martial arts transitions into the other. How striking can transition into grappling and how grappling can transition into striking. Through technique and situational drills, one will develop and learn how to utilize the right technique and select the best martial art for a given situation.

Cardio Heavy Bag class

is an intense full body workout. It burns 800-1000 calories in 1 hr. class session. That is equal to running 8-10 miles. The class focuses on keeping you moving and burning calories through intense exercises in between hitting the bag. This is also a great class for those who just want to release some stress or tension by hitting and kicking a bag.