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Welcome to Fight Firm Philadelphia MMA

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We are proud to be Philadelphia's largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training facility and the leader in developing fighters at both the pro and amateur level. We are the first and only Philadelphia MMA school to have had a fighter from the city of Philadelphia on the UFC roster. Our MMA fighters have fought in top organizations like UFC, Strikeforce, as seen on Showtime, and Bellator, as seen on MTV2 and Spike. Other notable organizations our team has competed in are Pro Elite/ Elite XC, IFL, Adrenaline, M-1 Global, Cage Fury, Ring of Combat, and many other local and regional promotions.

Our MMA school is the new generation of true Mixed Martial Arts. We understand that MMA is an evolving sport with techniques and fighters constantly evolving everyday. So along with offering traditional styles of martial arts like Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Wrestling we also offer a hybrid style of MMA grappling and MMA striking.

Whether your goal is to compete at the proffessional or amateur level or you are just using martial arts as a fun way to get in shape, our facility and classes are designed to reach your goals.

Contrary to popular belief, only a small percentage of our members ever had any prior martial arts experience and even a smaller percentage of our members ever intend to compete. Majority of our members walk through our doors with the goal in mind to simply get in shape while learning some practical self defense. Our classes are very beginner friendly with no prior martial arts or fitness requirements. They are designed for both the casual and competitive athlete. We teach Boxing,Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA striking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,MMA grappling, Wrestling, and fitness classes like Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Boxing.

Unlike the majority of other locations in the Philadelphia area, our classes are "just the tip of the iceberg". Most other places can only facilitate one class at a time, and are only open during class hours. Our Philadelphia MMA training facility is open from morning to late night and can run 2-3 classes simultaneously with plenty of available room for those who do not feel like taking class to lift weights in our weight room or spar in our 22 ft. full stage boxing rings or 24' full stage competition MMA cage or hit the heavy bag on one of our 15 heavy bags.

We have a top competition team and and we are always looking for new talent. Our competition team trains morning, afternoon, and night, so there is always a session that you can participate in. We make our facility available almost 24/7 for members of our competition team so that they can hone their skills and pursue their goals in fitness, MMA, boxing, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We encourage everyone to come and take our classes for free for one week with no commitment.
No appointments necessary. Please feel free to stop in during the week Mon-Thurs 11am - 9PM and check out our facility or contact us at

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We offer the best facility and training when it comes to philadelphia mixed martial arts schools.

servicing to the Philadelphia fighting, Philadelphia Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Philadelphia Judo, Philadelphia wrestling, Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts, and Philadelphia Muay Thai communities.

We are the best philadelphia MMA school. When it comes to competition. We are the best philadelphia muay thai school.

Jiu-Jitsu Classes

we have the best Philadelphia jiu-jitsu classes with a world-class bjj instructor. You will learn moves like a guillotine, rear naked choke, heel hook, knee bar, kimora, anaconda, and many other submissions. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in Philadelphia will not only teach you self defense, but our class will also give you high self esteem.

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

Our Muay Thai class is run by Kru Rigel. He has alot of experience as a fighter and as a trainer. He has been to Thailand numerous times and has learned from the best Muay Thai fighters. In Class you will learn proper stance, and proper Muay Thai techniques. Class will consist of jump roping, shadowboxing, and alot of padwork drills. Our class is a great full body workout.

Wrestling Classes

we have great wrestling class which focuses on the fundamentals of takedowns and how to defend a takedown. In class you will learn how to setup a takedown and how to finish a takedown. Whether it is the double leg takedown or the single leg takedown, you will learn the proper setup and finish to get your opponent down onto the floor.

Our MMA Classes

Our Philadelphia MMA classes will give you a practical way to implement and blend the techniques you learned in your Philadelphia brazilian jiu-jitsu class and Philadelphia Muay Thai Class. You will also learn in our Philadelphia MMA class techniques and modifications to styles unique to the sport of MMA. Cage walking and cage defense is a huge fundamental of MMA which will be taught in class.

Where to find the best Philadelphia Muay Thai schools

Great Muay Thai schools will have an instructor with vast experience proffessionally and internationally. A school with great muay thai instruction will not only focus on technique, but conditioning as well. Techniques like elbows, knees, kicks and punches will be combined in various ways as a sequence of offense attacks to disable or put down your opponent.

Where to find the best Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts schools

The Best Mixed Martial Arts schools in Philadelphia are the ones who have instructors with personal hands on experience with the sport of MMA. Instructors who are proffessional fighters or instructors who were proffessional fighters. Unfortunately, most schools started out as a single martial art and converted there name over to MMA due its popularity.

MMA schools in Philadelphia

There are many mixed martial arts schools in the philadelphia area. Some specialize in brazilian jiu jitsu while others specialize in the striking martial arts like muay thai and boxing. Fight Firm specializes in all the martial arts that make up the sport of MMA. When searching for MMA schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania make sure they have top quality teachers like that of Fight Firm.

How to Ground and Pound

Ground and Pound is a very important technique in MMA. It is especially important in the city of Philadelphia. This is because Philadelphia is a wrestling state. The state of Pennsylvania has one of the best wrestling in the nation. This is why it is so important at Fight Firm that we utilize this skill so we can punish and beat our opponent during a MMA fight.

Why Jiu jitsu sweeps work

Jiu Jitsu sweeps are very important. It enables an opponent to obtain a dominant position through leverage.

Where to find the best Philadelphia brazilian jiu jitsu school

The best brazilian jiu jitsu schools in philadelphia are the ones who have black belts as instructors. Their instructors have alot of bjj tournament experience along with many titles.

Philadelphia MMA Class Schedule

Our class schedule is setup to accomodate most full time working people. All our classes are in the evening and run until about 9 pm at night. Some of the classes you may find going on are our boxing, cardio kickboxing, muay thai, and brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. p/>

Does MMA work as a practical self defense martial art?

With MMA gaining popularity, many people are now considering taking MMA as a form of self defense. MMA is great for self defense. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is derived from various martial arts and combined to form a hybrid style. This collaboration of styles will vary from gym to gym. MMA borrows from boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, and Kickboxing as its striking/stand-up. On the ground, MMA takes from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. In a real life self defense situation, there are no referees, there are no set boundries, there are no time limits, and there are no penalties. There are no rules. Therefore one must learn how to defend themselves wherever the fight may go.

How to become a fighter in Philadelphia

It takes many things and alot of time to become a fighter. To become a fighter, one must dedicate themselves inside as well as outside the gym. Becoming a fighter becomes a way of living. First step is to learn basic techniques, fundamentals, and concepts. The best way of doing this is to join a good gym like Fight Firm. Most of these fundamentals will be taught in a class environment. Once the basic concepts are achieved, one must condition their body and mind for war. A gym member would slowly, at the comfort of their own pace, start sparring with more advanced guys and start getting comfortable with the idea of someone trying to punch your head off. If they start doing well sparring, then they will attempt their first amateur match. After a few matches, if they have been doing well, they would move to the proffessional level.


"I was really nervous about coming to a MMA school. All I invisioned was a bunch of big guys punching each other. But when I got here, a staff member here reassured me that there was nothing to worry about. He explained to me what mma training in a class environment is really like. After speaking with him for about 10 minutes, i realized that all my doubts were gone and I was ready to signup. I have been here for about a year now and I am so glad i joined. Fight Firm is a amazing place with great classes and great instructors. I highly recommend this place to anyone." - Dave Winiewicz, Philadelphia, PA, age 26

"My cardio is so much better now since I have been training here. Within Six months, I have lost 20 lbs and now can run over 3 miles. Fight Firm Philadelphia MMA has changed my life." - Tom Burrell, Philadelphia, PA, age 34 Google+